Goldust’s Appeal (Appeal) In Memory Of Appeal. RIP

Appeal is the horse of all horses in my book. He is absolutely wonderful in every way. Since I have had back surgery and there will be future surgery – .  He is a 16H bay gelding and gentle as a lamb. He would make a wonderful “Anything” horse and his gait is smooth and fast. Appeal is “My” ride and I enjoy riding him very much. He is tuned into my limited abilities and takes good care of me on the trail. He will dog walk along side of a QH or speed up to fast walk or rack as you wish. Anything ask of him he will do.

He is the kind of horse that does not have to be ridden weekly to behave. He can be laid off for weeks or months and then you can saddle him up and no problems. He has been shown in Michigan and professionally trained. He came from the well known Leo Barth Farm that is known for his Tennessee Walking Horses jumping champions and Tennessee Goldust. Appeal is double registered (TWHBEA and RHBAA)He is gentle enough for an immediate young adult. As of June, 2004 Appeal now will lay down for me to get on. He also will bow and a few other tricks. (insert the small pics here of Carole sitting on Appeal while he is lying down – pics have names appeal-liedown… in them) He was trained by the well known Carole Fletcher of

These pictures from when I went to my first judged gaited classes – the judge was Jeannie Jackson from Tennessee. My goal was to stay on Appeal and not get disqualified. The evening before the judged event – about thirty of us riders were taking advantage of instructions of the do’s and don’ts by Ms. Jackson in the arena; she walked over to me and gave me the most wonderful compliment on Appeal.  Said she had been watching him move and how magnificent and very rare with his bone, muscle and build in the Tennessee Walking world.  I told her that was his Tennessee Goldust blood and I had a barn full of more boned and muscled than he was from Tennessee Goldust line mixed with my Dement girls.

She was very impressed and said she would be visiting my website and contacting me. I could not believe it from all those people in the arena and she singled me out to tell me that!  Now to the real shocker! Rafael Valle and Jeannie Jackson were the judges in the classes I entered. I entered 5 and placed in 4! I got a first, third and two fourths. In the one I got the blue there were only three of us – but I will have to state (brag-brag) the other two were seasoned riders on seasoned show horses. I hollered when they announced my number!

In all the other classes I entered, all the riders were seasoned with a lot of show experience on show savvy horses. The only novices were me and a 13 year old girl. All the other classes had at least 7 – 20+ riders and I placed!  I did not have a clue as to what to do or how to do it. Never saw a show before and just followed what the people in front of me were doing. I messed up big time in the first class – when told to turn into the rail, well dummy me I turned into the center.  Wondered why all the others were going in the other direction. Did not make that mistake again!  Goldust Appeal pulled it off for me — it was certainly nothing on my ability! His young horse training of halter classes really showed – he knew when to stand and when to move. I sat humpty-dumpty and went along for the ride and all going thru my mind was – hold your reins, belly button high, watch the feet, do not swing, look between the ears-not the ground,  don’t slump  —- and BREATHE.

Nobody could believe that was our first show.  Needless to say I am thrilled and riding high!






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