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Last Chance - click for larger image

Last Chance – click for larger image

Triplekbarc has officially closed our horse operation and is no longer an active business. We have also closed our breeding operation and are no longer selling our horses. This site will remain as a personal site to just show off the wonderful line of the Dement breeding.

Read about what the “Old-Timers” intended in their breeding programs. Why tweak with perfection? Read the amazing history of the legacy of Albert Dement’s dream of regenerating the naturally gaited, head nodding, pleasure riding Tennessee Walking Horses.

Mr. Albert  Dement was one of the pioneers of the development of true gaits of the Walking Horse breed as early as 1905. He bred into his horses lots of head motion, good long necks, perfect ears and large eyes, perfect canter and flatfoot walk and running walk truly as great as any ever displayed by Tennessee Walking Horses. Our horses are a very rare, select group within the Tennessee horse world. Our horses are utility built for work or pleasure they have bone and bulk, chest and backend that look like a Quarter Horse but ride like they are bred to do – “smooth and sweet”.

Throughout the past several years, the 100% Dement horses have dwindled down to only a few surviving mares and a couple of studs left in the world that are truly 100% line-bred Dement Line.  Betty Dement, daughter of Arthur and granddaughter of Albert Dement still owns some of the originating stock. Thankfully, our breeding program produced enough babies to continue on the line for future generations to love and enjoy.

Goldust Royal Chance

Goldust Royal Chance – click for larger image

Royal, our gelding – Goldust Royal Chance – was born and raised at Triple K Bar C Farm. He is an exceptional gelding with breeding, personality, walk and calm nature. After a short stay away from our farm I bought him back in April 2006. As a stallion, he was bred to Indy, Opie and Neek for 2007 babies who are for sale. What breeding! Royal has that natural easy gait that he was bred for. Cremello! Blue eyes! Excellent bloodline! We are thrilled to have Royal back home with us at Triple-K-Bar-C Farm. Royal sired four of our 2005 foals and four for 2007-2008. Royal’s genetic color test: e/e, A/a, Cr/Cr.

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